This workout consists of 10 exercises that blend into a single workout with ease. Each exercise lasts for 50 seconds with a 10-second rest at the end of each exercise. This workout is definitely going to burn, but it will be worth it. After all, no good thing worth achieving comes without blood, sweat and tears. So, don’t get put off by the burn. You should, in fact, welcome it, as it is an indication that good things are happening in your muscle groups and you are burning unhealthy fat and calories.

The workout strengthens your leg muscles and ensures better balance and flexibility. It also lubricates your knee joints and helps to avert problems later on in life. You will also find that it focuses on your core and lower abdomen. The intensity conclusion gives a great workout to your side abdomen, back muscles, the core and the torso. You can easily call it a complete lower torso and leg workout that will make you sweat, but help you reach your fitness goals quickly. You will love the way your abdomen looks after a couple of weeks doing this high-intensity ab workout.

Credit: Chloe Ting