This workout is designed to help you achieve a very fit and healthy abdomen while enhancing your flexibility and ensuring you get your balance right. It is a mere 10-minute workout and you easily perform this exercise within a comfort of your home. The workout is a combination of a number of exercises that help you develop your lower abs and thighs along with your side abdomen and central abdomen. Kicks, Russian twists and even Pilates have been rolled into one workout to ensure you get the maximum out of the 10 minutes that you devote this exercise.

You will find that it also helps to strengthen your core muscles, giving you a lean and fit mid-torso. If you do this exercise regularly, you will burn calories without even realizing and will get rid of belly fat within no time. It is one workout routine that you want in your arsenal if you are looking to get a trim abdomen and strong sides and core muscles. It will help define the curves and contour of your body. Once you get into the groove of doing this workout, you will also notice that you are more flexible.

Credit: Fitness Blender