Doing upper body workouts don’t just help in toning your body, but it also helps in maintaining a good posture. This workout is designed to do wonders for your posture and overall upper body fitness if you follow through correctly and regularly. Once your posture improves, it will get rid of those nagging backaches and shoulder pains. It will also make you stand tall, allowing you to look taller than what you are in reality. This can boost your confidence in a crowd tremendously.

The routine does involve weights, but you can also do it without weights. However, if you decide to lose the weights, it will not be as effective. Nonetheless, it is an option. The good news is that not all the exercises require weights. The workout helps to tone and strengthen your wings, forearms and shoulders. It also focuses on your chest muscles and triceps. The routine will give the muscle groups you are working a lot of definition, while working out your back, upper body, arms and wings. It is an intensive workout that helps you burn calories with ease, and you will notice the results within days.


Credit: POPSUGAR Fitness