With the growth of the internet, many of the big names in fitness have changed their business model to become online weight loss coaches. To the customer, this can be fantastic – you get to work with some of the biggest names in the industry regardless of location.

Additionally, you get to tap into their expertise, community knowledge for a fraction of their in-person fees. You travel along your weight loss journey without having to break the bank! There is still an investment in time and money of course, but you take on some great advice at a lower cost.

In this article we’re going to look at an overview of some of the most popular programs in the online weight loss game. Some of these programs have been produced by big names in the health and fitness industry.

We’ll take a more in depth look at what the different programs offer and a little about the coaches behind the approach. From the article you will learn the subtle but important differences between how each one works and the emphasis of each.

Jon Gabriel Before and After

1. Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel is a been there, done that kind of weight loss coach. Having lost over 200lbs himself (and kept it off), he became an online weight loss coach to teach his method to others. His book ‘The Gabriel Method’ has been translated into 14 languages and is available in 60 countries around the world.

The Gabriel Method teaches members to use visualisation and psychology as well as understand the nutrition aspect of the weight loss journey. It’s a lifestyle transformation approach, not just a ‘eat this and lift that’ style of coaching.

As a member you access the Gabriel Method library and read the philosophy in more detail. You take two 1-1 sessions with a Gabriel Method coach every month. These are done remotely and you can purchase additional sessions alongside the program if you’d like to. Each member has a coaching team including nutritionist, fitness trainer and emotional release therapist.

For the Gabriel Method coaching you pay $197 per month. Followed to the letter, there are supplements to purchase as well, although these aren’t an essential for success.

Natalie Jill online nutrition coaching

2. Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill specialises in online nutrition coaching.  Her program is slightly different from some of the others – she is a nutrition coach first. Natalie’s work focuses primarily on the nutrition aspect of weight loss. She does offer fitness services, but the real emphasis is on nutrition.

Like many other online coaches, Natalie offers all kinds of packages to suit people at different stages of their weight loss journey. Whether you are just starting out or have only the last bit of weight to lose, there’ll be a plan you can do. There are comprehensive packages available on both the fitness and nutrition sides of health and fitness.

The website itself is big. There is a lot of information and it may take a little while to find the program to suit you and your goals. Prices vary depending on the program. You pay anywhere been $37 and $67 for an online fitness or weight loss product from the Natalie Jill range.

Team RundleFit virtual coaches

3. Jessica and Justin Rundle

Team RundleFit are a husband and wife duo. Their business operates as virtual weight loss coaches, utilising an app. The app provides members with workout and nutrition information. They have a number of online packages to help with your fat loss and fitness improvement goals.

The RundleFit approach emphasises a ‘workout anywhere’ message. Their offering supports this, with the workouts being written in such a way that you don’t always need the gym. Using their app you have workouts sent directly to you. The workouts vary so that you can do them anywhere, making the approach convenient if you don’t use a gym.

With the app membership you have a range of services depending on your membership levels. These range from daily tips, numerous recipes and progress charts for the gold level package, through to personalised nutrition plans and food and exercise reviews from Jessica and Justin themselves at the platinum level membership.

As with the other weight loss coaches, price depends on the package. You will pay $27 per month to $197 per month for access to the RundleFit club at different levels.

Josef Rakich online personal trainer

4. Josef Rakich

Josef Rakich is an online personal trainer in the more pure sense. He offers personalised workouts and diet plans. This isn’t a ‘club’ as such, it’s a more workout and diet based service than that.

His approach is more of a traditional bodybuilding style. Packages are built around two main goals – building muscle and losing fat. He mentions on his website that this isn’t sports specific training – it’s a weight loss/weight gain package. The Josef Rakich service is very much for those with a specific bulking and cutting approach to physique transformation.

There are different options for people to take when they join Josef’s online personal trainer plan. These range from short term transformation packages to annual packages. There are also eBooks available if you can’t/don’t want to hire him as an online trainer. It’s a pretty wide range.

You pay $97 for 12 week program membership or $197 for 12 months program membership.

Karena & Katrina weight management coaches

5. Karena & Katrina

Karena and Katrina are online weight loss coaches with a brand built around the beach body approach. Their signature program is the ‘Tone It Up’ plan. Focussing on nutrition, the girls clearly aim for the female market. Their workouts and nutrition are based around a look and a lifestyle rather than any fitness or strength goals.

The Tone It Up plan has both a free and paid for membership – the benefits of membership includes nutrition and recipe guides, special editions of the plan, meal guides, shopping lists, email newsletters and access to a community group. There are also video bundles for an extra fee.

The price you pay depends on your level of membership. For the Tone It Up plan you pay a basic annual membership fee of $150. There are additional fees if you purchase extra video bundles. Premium workout videos are also available for between $20 and $160. If you have a particular goal (such as a wedding), you can buy additional nutrition packages for anything up to $999 for 10 people.

This isn’t personal training – it’s packaged coaching that guides members on the right path to success. The community support is a big part of the program – as much as the coaching itself.

Jillian Michaels personal trainer

6. Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is arguably the most famous personal trainer in the world. She shot to fame as one of the trainers on TV’s ‘The Biggest Loser’. In the show she helped contestants lose dramatic amounts of weight. Her TV career progressed further and has seen her appear on a number of other TV shows.

Her move into the online world has seen her develop numerous different programs under her fitness and nutrition brand. Jillian claims to have a health and fitness package for everyone with any goal. There are programs such as ‘Bounce Back Baby’ for women who have recently had children, ‘Wedding Warrior’ for brides to be, ‘Dad Bod’ for new fathers and then the usual boot camps, weight loss packages etc.

Jillian Michaels also gives various meal plans to her members. There is a plan to suit all kinds of nutritional approaches. There are Paleo meal plans, Vegan meal plans, omnivores meal plans etc. The nutrition and fitness plans run hand in hand and you access them via the app.

The workouts are fully customisable, all exercises are filmed in HD and there are 550 in the library. You pick your own music and adjust your own intensity levels of the workouts. The app synchronises with the health app on your iPhone. This level of personalisation is unique to the Jillian Michaels app. I think it may appeal to beginners who now have control of exactly how hard they work in their workouts.

Price wise, you pay $9.99 for one month, $24.99 for three months and $89.99 for a year membership. There is a 7-day free trial period available at the start of the package.

Personal Trainer David Kingsbury

7. David Kingsbury

David Kingsbury is an online personal trainer with a track record in working with Hollywood actors. He is even based at Pinewood film studios in London! His expansion into online personal training gives access to anyone from around the globe to work with him and his system.

David’s website is the base of the online personal training. There is a thorough section on both meal plans and training plans. The website has 100’s of recipe ideas uploaded, all with their calorie content and macronutrient split already calculated for you. The website really is a vast library of useful and in-depth fitness and nutrition information.

From a training point of view, there are over 40 training guides for you to choose from. Followed correctly, they’ll help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

In terms of price, David’s online personal training costs £40 per month with no contract membership. There is no minimum term of membership and content is accessed via a personalised account.

Shelby Mcdaniel

8. Shelby McDaniel

Shelby McDaniel is a former IFBB Pro figure competitor. With her background in figure competition and her BS in Nutrition Science, she combines practical and theoretical knowledge into her program. She teaches clients about mind set and how to lose weight without calorie counting or meal plans.

TNT is a specialist online nutrition coaching business. They motivate, coach and mentor you through your weight and fat loss journey. This is an approach with nutrition coaching placed at the front and centre. TNT make the fact that this is nutrition coaching very clear. Clients work with nutrition coaches who guide them through their body transformation journey.

It’s important to know this is not online personal training or fitness coaching. Where it may feature as a small element of the program, if you are looking for something with a heavy emphasis on fitness, TNT isn’t going to be the plan for you.

Packages and prices are $99 for a 60 minute consultation. The 12 week ‘Lose Weight. Stop Dieting. Start Living’ package costs $750. The 8 week ‘Basic Weight Loss’ program costs $500.

Mark Sisson Paleo diet coach

9. Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is a pretty huge name in the Paleo and Primal health world. He has expanded his health business from blogging and writing to becoming a weight loss coach. He does this via his range of online programs and supplements.

The primal health movement revolves around the idea that we look, feel and perform our best when we eat the kind of foods our ancestors did. This means no grains, processed foods, refined sugars and very little dairy. Instead we ate seasonally, we ate organically and we consumed a lot of fat and little carbohydrate.

From an exercise point of view, the workouts are typically very short. They’re very explosive, are weights based and involve a lot of whole body movements. Most movements use some form of resistance.

Mark has four separate online health programs… 21-Day Transformation Program Digital Package priced at $39.95. The 21-Day Transformation Program Fuel Package priced at $59.95. The 21-Day Transformation Program Essential Package priced at $99.95. Finally he has the Primal Endurance Mastery Course priced at $347.00.

Each package contains various books, audio books, apps, posters and in the higher end packages, merchandise, supplements and support groups.

Hitchfit personal training service

10. Micah and Diana

Micah and Diana offer an online personal training service. They’re personal trainers who make a point of explaining that their online training systems are written by them and them alone. They proudly state that none of the programs are automated. This is more of an online personal training service than a fitness package purchase.

With a total of 15 programs they say there is a program for anyone, with any goal, anywhere in the world. The programs range from 12-36 week options and all members have  access to additional DVDs and learning materials throughout the program. There is a comprehensive library of exercises and workout plans to supplement your training.

For online personal training with Micah and Diana you pay between $199 and $1300, depending on the training package you buy. If you are local to them you can buy in-person training from them as well.

Online Weight Loss Program Summary

This is a summary of ten of the best known online weight management programs. Where they are ultimately offering the same outcomes – an improvement in health and fitness, weight loss, fat loss, improved body composition, their approaches are all nuanced and will suit different people depending on their psychology, how they respond to coaching and what exactly they are looking for from an online coach.

Take the time to look at the plans individually. Think about how and when you can or would work out. Think about how important a coach is to you. How much motivating you need and what you need to help you stay accountable? With this information in your mind you can make a decision as to the best online weight loss program for you.