This workout is a butt- and thigh-focused workout and is quite intensive. However, you will not regret performing the workout after you see how toned and firm your booty and thighs start looking after a few days. The entire workout consists of 15 exercises and each has to be done for about 50 seconds. Sounds long, but you will welcome the 10-second break after each set!

As you will not be using any equipment, you can easily workout at home. If you have ankle weights, use them to boost the effectiveness of the workout. Otherwise, don’t worry. The workout is designed to give your inner and out thighs a great workout so that the muscles get a sculpted appearance. In addition, you will also give the butt muscles an intense workout. You can be certain that while doing the exercises, you will experience the burn throughout your lower body. At least, it will be satisfying to note that you are doing it right from the word go! Once this workout becomes a daily feature, you will get results that will compel you to show off your booty and thighs!


Credit: Fitness Blender