This workout routine is as precise as it sounds because it does lift and round your butt while sculpting your inner and outer thighs! Of course, it goes without saying that it will only show results if you keep working at it regularly. So, even if you feel the burn, don’t quit and keep persevering. The workout is not that long, about 15 minutes in total, and you will not be using any weights. This is not a strenuous workout, but it does wonders for your butt and thighs. Most probably, you will see results within a couple of days. However, to magnify the results, keep doing the workout.

The workout is about focusing on your inner thighs and butt. It also focuses on specific muscles in the thighs and butts, ensuring you give your lower body a great workout while firming up and strengthening the muscles. The workout also helps to boost your flexibility and balance while giving your outer thighs an enviable definition. With a perky butt that belies your age and sculpted and chiseled thighs, you can be certain that you will be attracting a lot of eyeballs for all the good reasons!

Credit: Blogilates