If you have been neglecting your lower body and have been focusing on your upper body, you have got to change and start working out your legs. After all, a strong upper body requires strong legs! This is the perfect workout for it. It will help make the muscles more defined, strengthen them and also improve their flexibility. The workout is a complete routine for the legs, right from your butt to your calves. You get to feel the burn through your whole legs in a nutshell.

You will love the short duration of the workout, but don’t let it mislead you into thinking that it is ineffective. On the contrary, it is highly effective. You can do this at your workplace or home and give your inner legs, butt, thighs and calves a great workout. What makes this unique is that it also tests your flexibility, power and balancing skills because of the different exercise variations. The yoga-like postures that are part of the workout target different muscles. This is the perfect workout for professionals and busy homemakers who have little or no time to hit the gym.


Credit: Jessica Smith