High-intensity workouts are the best to build and strength certain muscles. Your butt requires a strenuous workout if you want a round booty. So, this workout will not disappoint you in this department. You can be certain that after finishing this intensive workout, you will be exhausted and slightly sore, but in a good way. Of course, it’s not meant for novices, though they can attempt it. However, they should know how to handle the fatigue and soreness after the workout.

It is a 30-minute workout that features six contiguous exercises. Don’t worry; you will be able to get your breath back after every 50 seconds. You can be certain that when you do this workout, you will get good results. If you want to get better results faster, add ankle weights to the workout. Besides focusing on your butt and thigh, this workout also targets the glutes. The exercises are designed to give your thighs and hips a definition while making the muscles supple and more flexible. Just make sure you stick to the workout diligently, so that you can truly achieve the fitness level and look you desire.

Credit: Chloe Ting