Arms are often neglected if you are not into bodybuilding. This workout aims to rectify this issue. It is short, but not sweet as it gives your arms a run for their money. There is no need to be worried as your arms will be the cynosure of all eyes in a couple of weeks. Each exercise is done for a period of 30 seconds without using any weights. This means that you can do this at home without needing any assistance. If you have your own office cabin, you can even do it at work.

The workout makes use of fluid movements of your arms to strengthen their muscles. This is followed by movements to strengthen the back of the arm. It also targets the wing area and the triceps. You will be quite surprised that this is a complete arm workout as you also focus on the strengthening of your shoulders, upper arms and biceps. Yes, it is a high-intensity workout, but you will love the way it helps to give your arms a much-needed workout. At the end, you will find that you are flexible and without a trace of fatigue.

Credit: Lucy Wyndham-Read