Believe it or not, but your arm muscles are one of the most noticeable and displayed muscle groups in your body. So how do you build strong and fabulous looking muscles? Well, if you are looking to build some serious biceps, then look no further than these below-mentioned bicep workouts. These exercises are the best way to hit your biceps and to inculcate in them some serious growth. So if you have not started doing them yet, then start it now. Here, take a look at some of the best bicep workouts:

1. Biceps Curl

Bicep curl can help you strengthen the muscles that you use every time you flex your elbows or turn up your palms. Your biceps are important muscles as you use them during pulling exercises while grappling, or even when carrying a heavy bag of groceries. Hence, it makes sense to ensure they are strong and do everything you demand of them.

Biceps work in conjunction with the Triceps, Lats, traps and shoulders so that your elbow and shoulder can function properly. Just strengthening the biceps using simple bicep curls may not give the desired results, as you will be working the biceps in isolation. Try to throw in different styles to enjoy maximum benefits from bicep curls.


2. Self-Resisted Curl

For self-resisted curl, you use the strength of one arm against the other arm. This exercise strengthens your upper arms, forearms and shoulders. Although a medium-intensity workout, self-resisted curl exerts resistance on your biceps and forearm muscles, allowing them to look toned. As the strength in your arms grows, you will be able to resist more, causing the biceps to bulk up.

Remember, it is easy to plateau with self-resisted curls. Hence, you should always be looking to challenge yourself. Do as many reps as possible until your arms finally give up. Also, using your own resistance rather than cans or books will make you work harder. However, bear in mind this exercise can take some time getting used to, so be patient and persevering.


3. Hammer Curls

If you are keen on getting bulging biceps along with enhanced grip, hammer curls are perfect for you. You can train your biceps using this workout, and as you throw in variations, it will reap the desired results. It is important to remember that besides training your biceps, hammer curls also rotate your brachioradialis, which runs from your wrist into the upper arm. This muscle is smaller than your biceps, but it offers stabilization to your arms during movement.

Hammer curls help your biceps to grow in size and strength by ensuring resistance. Also, as the brachioradialis grows, your biceps are pushed up, allowing you to flaunt your bulging and fuller biceps. This growth in biceps is complemented by the growth of your forearms, allowing your arms to have a proportionate appearance.