Many Women all over the world are quite obsessed with the size of their butt. They want them bigger in the most effective and fastest way possible. And there is no better way than trying Butt workouts to get the desired results. So if you are looking for the best butt workouts for that firm, sexy and lovely butt, then take a look at some of these fantastic and super effective Butt workouts that you can do easily and within a comfort of your home. You will be amazed to see the difference yourself.

1. Chair Squats

Chair squats are safer than standard squats because you use a chair to perform the exercise. So, if you lose your balance or find it difficult to stand up midway through the routine, you can always use the chair to sit down. As a result, you minimize the chances of falling and injuring yourself. It also minimizes strain on your knees and helps maintain your spine in a neutral position.

Chair squats are excellent for beginners, who are just learning how to squat correctly. It can even help individuals who have a problem with their balance and coordination. This exercise will work your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps, making them stronger and more toned.


2. Hip Bridge

Getting a sexy, firm butt is no longer a problem, as hip bridge helps you achieve this. This exercise targets your hamstrings, glutes and core. Remember, if your glutes are not strong enough, your abdominal muscles will be unable to support your spine or function properly.

Hip bridge is the perfect exercise for people suffering from pain in the lower back; those who want to prevent injury while doing rigorous strength training; and people who tend to sit for extended periods of time. When you do a hip bridge correctly, you will feel the burn in your glutes. So, you will know you are on the right track.


3. Single Leg Hip Raises

Single-leg hip raises give your glutes, abdominals and hamstrings a great workout without straining the muscles. It makes these muscle groups stronger and more stable. Elevating your hip and leg as high as possible also improves your balance, core strength and coordination.

This exercise is a non-load bearing one. Hence, it is the perfect workout for people with lower back pain or those who tend to sit for long hours. Single-Leg Hip Raises are also perfect if you tend to drive a lot. You will get a firmer butt while getting rid of your back pain and enjoying better balance and coordination.


4. Single-Leg Front Raises

If you want to make your body more flexible while improving your body balance, then Single-Leg Front Raises is the perfect workout. This exercise offers many rewards when performed correctly. It gives your thighs a solid stretch; it tightens your glutes, and helps you improve your balance like never before. If you use your arms in the exercise, it will even give your shoulders a much-deserved workout!

Do not let the exercise scare you. You will be surprised to find out that it requires less body coordination than you imagined. And, you don’t need any equipment. This beginner-level exercise can be made more challenging when you introduce variations.