10-Minute Upper Body Strength Exercises

Doing upper body workouts don’t just help in toning your body, but it also helps in maintaining a good posture. This workout is designed to do wonders for your posture and overall upper body fitness if you follow through correctly and regularly. Once your posture improves, it will get rid of those nagging backaches and [...]

Killer Workout for a Toned Upper Body

Just because you are a woman, it does not mean you cannot have a strong and toned upper body. You can, and this workout routine will guide you to reach your upper body fitness goal without sacrificing your femininity. There is no risk of having a masculine-looking upper body within this moderately intense workout. Instead, [...]

Workout Routine for Arms, Shoulders, upper Back and Abs

Imagine giving your entire upper body a great workout in merely 10 minutes. Well, it is possible with this workout. This routine specifically targets your arms, shoulders, upper back and abs. It doesn’t require any equipment and hence, you can easily do it at home and that too without supervision. The workout comprises different exercises [...]

Upper Body Exercises for Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back

Getting a comprehensive upper body workout is no longer difficult with this routine. You will find that it exercises your entire upper body with ease. In this routine, you will perform seven exercises, and none of them requires weights to perform. Hence, you can easily do the workout at home. When people talk about upper [...]