Meal Prep Companies: 10 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services

With our busy modern lives, we outsource many of the tasks we used to do. One of the tasks many people are now outsourcing is meal prepping. By using meal prep companies to prepare, cook and deliver your meals you save a lot of time. There’s no shopping, no preparing, no cooking and very little [...]

10 Online Weight Loss Coaches and Programs

With the growth of the internet, many of the big names in fitness have changed their business model to become online weight loss coaches. To the customer, this can be fantastic – you get to work with some of the biggest names in the industry regardless of location. Additionally, you get to tap into their [...]

Top 9 Portion Control Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

You are what you eat. This adage rings true when you look at yourself in the mirror. The flab and excessive weight are your own doing and no matter how hard you try and lose weight, you will be unsuccessful if you don’t resort to portion control. People tend to overeat without realizing it. This [...]

10 healthy foods for natural weight loss

Weight loss is about making healthy food choices. However, most people associate healthy with unappetizing foods. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about taste as there are many delicious and nutrient-rich healthy foods that can not only help you lose weight but also ensure you maintain optimal health. Packed with large amounts of vitamins, minerals, [...]

What are Calories? How to Create a Calorie Deficit?

When you embark on a healthy weight loss journey, the calorie count will be your best friend. You will be carefully checking foods to ensure it fits into your diet plan and does not give you a surfeit of calories. However, very few people are aware of calories and their significance. Understanding calories and calorie [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of a Healthy Diet

You need to make a conscious decision to stay healthy. Once you embark on this path, you will find that you feel great and you do not fall sick as often as you used to. Above all, you will maintain optimal weight for your body mass index (BMI). That is why you need to educate [...]

9 Diet Tips to Increase Metabolism

You follow a strict diet; keep a daily check on your calorie intake, workout regularly yet can’t lose weight. Well, it’s because your metabolism is slowing down. The metabolic rate of your body plays a vital role in weight management. Age, sex, body size and genes are several factors that determine metabolic rate. As we [...]

Fitness Tracker: Tips To Lose Weight With Wearable Tech

Have you just received a fitness tracker for Christmas or your birthday? Well, take the hint and set a weight loss for this year so that you can enjoy optimal health and fitness. Before you hide your fitness tracker in your wardrobe, under mountains of clothes, remember that it can actually help you stay on [...]

Lose Belly Fat: Tips To Reduce Visceral Fat Efficiently

In today’s scenario, the problem of losing belly fat is becoming quite evident and is causing a lot of trouble to the health of an individual. People are ready to spend too much of their expenses to lose out the harmful fat which is accumulated around their body and cause a lot of harm. This [...]

Healthy Weight Loss: Basic Principles to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Before you gear up for a weight loss regime, there are certain proven fundamental principles that you must be aware of to maintain a sustainable healthy weight. People who incorporate these basic principles into their lifestyle can manage their weight at ease. Set Goals that are Realistic in Nature   You need to stay focussed [...]

10 Effective Exercises to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

If you want to win the battle of the flab, you will have to stop being a couch potato. To facilitate weight loss, you have to burn calories and give your metabolism a boost. The best way of doing this is to find some effective weight loss exercises that are gentle on your body but [...]

HIIT Workout: Beginner’s Guide to High-Intensity Interval Training

When it comes to weight loss or fat-blasting exercises, HIIT is the most effective workout. HIIT workout burns more calories than any other form of workout strategy in a short span of time. The best thing about HIIT is that your body will be burning fat even after the workout is over. Research states that [...]

Pre and post workout meals: Foods to eat before and after workout

There is no doubt that working out regularly will help you stay fit and healthy. However, you can optimize the effects of your workouts by carefully selecting the foods you consume before and after your workout session. A pre-workout meal ensures you have the energy to get through the reps without experiencing fatigue. As a [...]