1206, 2017

Mediterranean Diet: A Beginner’s guide to mediterranean diet plan

Mediterranean diet may have the distinction of being the healthiest diet in the world. It is replete with veggies, fruits, whole grains, olive oil and lean sources of protein. This diet ensures you meet the nutrient needs of your body while avoiding unhealthy, calorie-laden food choices that can wreak havoc with your health and weight. [...]

2305, 2017

Lose Belly Fat: 11 Best Foods that Reduce Belly Fat

Anyone who has tried to lose belly fat is aware that it can be an uphill task to lose the fat. This stubborn fat can stay ensconced against all the odds. However, there is a silver lining on the horizon if you are looking to lose belly fat. Besides working out regularly, you should also [...]

1805, 2017

Whole Foods Diet: Lose Weight with Unprocessed Foods

In the quest to lose weight, people are trying a lot of combinations as well as variations in their diet plans so that the result can be fruitful. Whole Foods Diet is one of the most sought after diet which is trending among all the age groups owing to its healthy benefits. Let’s find out [...]

1603, 2017

Paleo Diet

Modern lifestyles are hectic, stressful and extremely complicated. The fast-paced life often does not give people enough time to prepare meals, and this has prompted many to look for simple, quick meals that can make their lives easier. Paleo diet, also known as a caveman diet, fits beautifully into this need by giving people a healthy [...]

1802, 2017

Atkins Diet: A low carb diet for weight loss

If you’ve been previously unsuccessful with a low-calorie diet, it’s time to change your approach and try Atkins diet because it might not be the calories, but, sugar present in your high carbohydrate diet that is responsible for your weight troubles. Among the 38 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets that were evaluated by a panel of [...]