Women often think that arm exercises are not for them as it might make their arms masculine-looking. However, that is not the case if they choose the right exercises. This arm workout is designed for women to help them lose arm fat and develop muscle but not too much. Hence, the arms retain a certain grace of sorts without looking too masculine.

You should do each exercise for about 30 seconds each and none of them requires any weights. So, you can do this workout at virtually any place you feel like, without guidance. Of course, you need to know the correct way to do the exercises. There is no rest in between exercises as they do not exert too much pressure on the arms and you can probably manage just fine without rest. The workout includes an all-encompassing mix of exercises related to the arms. Quite a few of the exercises also help with the abdomen muscles, chest muscles as well as neck muscles. This means an all-round development with a specific focus on the arms. Following this workout for a few weeks will ensure that you feel better about your arms as they will look better and fitter. It also has stretches towards the end which are important for the flexibility of your muscles.


Credit: Lucy Wyndham-Read