This 10-minute ab workout gives you another reason for you to get pumped! The workout is so cool because it gives you results in just one week of performing the exercises. It consists of slots of 45 seconds done over a span of 10 minutes. The exercises are designed to help build your stamina and fitness. You can get fitter, faster if you do this workout twice or three times a day. Most of the exercises target the entire abdomen area.

Now, rather than focusing on specific abdomen muscles, you can do a single exercise that focuses on your abdomen as a whole. Quite a few of the exercises in this workout also involve the stretching of your back and leg muscles. This means enhanced flexibility along with core strength. It also has exercises that focus on specific sides and muscles. There are variations for most exercises also that make it feasible for people of different fitness levels and body shapes. Burning up fat or getting fit was never as easy as it is now. With this workout, you can be sure to get fit or lose weight within weeks if you do it correctly and in a timely fashion.

Credit: The Find Guru