For those of you, who feel you cannot get your abs fit and trim, here are specially designed ab exercises that will ensure you achieve your fitness goals. It will just take about 10 minutes of your time to work up a sweat and get those muscles going. The workout begins with basic crunches and graduates to complex planks. However, don’t let that worry you as once you see the results, you will be highly impressed with the workout.

It encompasses a range of different ab exercises that you can perform anywhere – home or office. The workout is designed to be done in limited space, so don’t worry. It is divided into slots of 30 seconds and the transition from one exercise to another is very smooth. It improves the different muscles different muscles of your abdomen. What is unique about this workout is that there are random shifts in position and each, and every exercise logically moves to the next one so that you don’t have to stop in between and change positions.  The continuous nature of this workout will help you to maintain a natural flow and rhythm in your workout. Along with the abdomen, this workout is also great for the development of your leg and back muscles to a certain extent.


Credit: Pamela RF