After your abdomen, people always notice your arms. So, if your arms are not as fit as your stomach, you can be certain that it will cause people to sit up and take note. Therefore, developing and maintaining those arms is as important as maintaining your abdomen. This workout is a quick and short way to make those arms feel the burn and keep them fit. The workout is filled with exercises that focus on all areas of the arms and gradually move from one muscle to the other in a seamless manner in terms of focus and development. Also, all the exercises in this workout make your arms feel the burn, and we mean this quite literally.

There are little to no rests in between exercises. This gives your arms and back a real workout which you can feel for a long time after the workout is over. Furthermore, each exercise requires that you make the movements with tense arms which strengthen them. Most of the exercises focus exclusively on the shoulder, reiterating the belief that the shoulders are a really important part of the arms that need developing to make your arms look good. Do this workout to give your arms the boost they need.

Credit: Blogilates