Just because you are a woman, it does not mean you cannot have a strong and toned upper body. You can, and this workout routine will guide you to reach your upper body fitness goal without sacrificing your femininity. There is no risk of having a masculine-looking upper body within this moderately intense workout. Instead, it will give you more grace and confidence as you will be extremely proud of your upper body.

This routine is highly effective as the exercises use your own body weight to their advantage. The pushups strengthen and tone your upper body, back and shoulders. As a result, you stand erect and this can create an illusion of height. It also gives you an air of confidence. The other workouts give your triceps some real definition and strengthen the muscles. You will experience a burn in your triceps, but don’t worry about it. It is normal and is indicative that you are doing all the exercises correctly. The other exercises give a great workout to your back, forearms and upper body. If you do this workout diligently, you will develop a killer upper body in a short time.


Credit: Stephi Nguyen