In today’s scenario, the problem of losing belly fat is becoming quite evident and is causing a lot of trouble to the health of an individual. People are ready to spend too much of their expenses to lose out the harmful fat which is accumulated around their body and cause a lot of harm. This visceral fat is quite a threat to your body as it accelerates the heart risk and can also cause diabetes.

1. Avoid Sugar Intake

Garden strawberries with sugar and cream

A spate of studies suggests that sugar is quite harmful especially the added sugars which are unhealthy. Since sugar is made up of fructose and glucose, the liver has to function constantly to metabolize the fructose.

Once you eat the refined sugar in large quantities, your liver tends to get overloaded with a large amount of fructose which will automatically lead towards the fat accumulation. This leads to the resistance of insulin and thereby causes many metabolic problems.

Consumption of liquid sugar creates an adverse impact on the metabolic health. The fruit juices and carbonated drinks that you drink don’t do any good rather adds up to the belly fat. Instead, eat whole fruits as they provide you with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals naturally.

Try to reduce the sugar intake as much as possible in your daily diet. The best way to check your sugar intake is to read the food labels before buying any product.

2. Walk for 10,000 Steps A Day

Woman walk on beach in fitness outfit

Remember the concept of walk and talk works really good over here. Walking helps you burn calories which lead to the reduction of belly fat. Studies suggest that following the walking practice of 10,000 steps a day for a week you can lose almost 7% of your belly fat.

There are many apps that have an inbuilt feature of pedometer through which you can have a record of the steps taken by you every day and can easily maintain it without much of trouble.

3. Add More Amount of Fibre in Your Diet

Fiber rich diet foods

Researchers suggest that consuming soluble fiber triggers the belly fat reduction at a much faster pace. The soluble fiber contains fewer calories and also helps you to enhance your metabolism. But you should increase the quantity of fiber slowly in your diet so that your body gets adapted to it.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are a great source of fiber that helps in the elimination of fat. Therefore you should eat fiber rich diet when you are planning to lose your belly fat. Many people remove or peel the skin of the fruits which contains a good amount of fiber. You should try avoiding it.

4. Carry at Least 5-6 Physical Activities Every Day

Couple jogging in the park

Carry out physical activities at least 30 minutes every day that should include both moderate-intensity and high-intensity activities. Activities like walking, jogging or running, swimming, gardening, playing soccer, dancing, cycling, skipping rope, etc. are beneficial in weight loss. The best thing about these exercises is that you will enjoy while performing them.

5. Hydrate your Body with Water

Woman athlete drinking water

Although water does not target the belly fat directly, however, it does help you lose overall body weight. Drinking water before breakfast, lunch and dinner help you control your food portions which lead to fewer calorie intake.

6. Eat a Healthy Snack Before Going to Bed

Banana bunch

Firstly, bedtime snack is not for those who eat more calories than they burn. But, if you are maintaining the calorie deficit required to losing weight consistently, there is nothing wrong with having a bedtime snack to avoid late-night raid to your kitchen. However, picking the right snack is important. Your snack should contain fiber and protein. Additionally, it should not exceed 200 calories.

Try eating a healthy snack like a banana, low-fat yogurt mixed with fruit, a bowl of cereal (use low-fat milk), a bowl of popcorn (without butter), etc. You might find it difficult in the beginning, but after a few days you will get used to it and don’t forget that you are doing this for healthy living.

7. Include Dark Chocolate, Green Leafy Vegetables and Green Tea in Your Diet

Dark chocolate pieces

Dark chocolate contains zinc that helps in the secretion of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that regulates the amount of fat storage in the body. Through consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolate, you can easily control the fat deposit in the body.

Also, green leafy vegetables and green tea help in the enhancement of the metabolism. A healthy metabolic rate helps in shedding of fat present around the belly.

8. Bring Yoga in Your Daily Workout Schedule

Cobra yoga pose

According to recent studies, the incorporation of yoga into your daily life helps you reduce the visceral fat immensely. It also makes your body rejuvenated and full of freshness.

The deep breathing exercise associated with yoga helps in the regulation of the stress hormone which is responsible for body fat.