You are what you eat. This adage rings true when you look at yourself in the mirror. The flab and excessive weight are your own doing and no matter how hard you try and lose weight, you will be unsuccessful if you don’t resort to portion control.

People tend to overeat without realizing it. This excess food is the culprit and contributes to your weight gain. So, if you learn the art of controlling your portions, not only will you lose weight, but you will also succeed in keeping the lost weight off. Here are some portion control tricks that will get you started on a successful weight loss journey.

1. Accurate Portion Size For Weight Loss

Accurate Portion control food size

To eat the correct portion size, you must know the number of calories you need to energize your body to stay satisfied and carry out daily physical activities. Your portion size depends on age, weight and activity level. You can use USDA Super Tracker to get a personalized eating plan with daily food group targets; it will show you what and how much to eat.

2. Prepare Healthy Portion-Controlled Meals in Advance

Woman Preparing portion controlled meal

It is next to impossible that when you are hungry, you will eat right portion of food, rather you will simply ditch all your weight loss plans and overeat. Moreover, when you are hungry, you are tempted to eat junk food as they are easily available and ready to be eaten. To counter this problem, you must keep your portion controlled healthy meals prepared in advance so that you eat correct portion size even when you are hungry.

Salad and Fruits portions work well in such instances when the hunger is too much to survive. Also have a daily pre-plan ready with you when you get up in the morning for the whole day so that you know when, what and how to consume the right amount of food as per your requirement.

3. Start your Day with a Glass of Water

Glass of water

There are several health benefits to drinking water empty stomach in the morning. Drink a glass of water before you start your day with munching food. When you start your day filling your belly with water, you will automatically cut short your diet and will not overeat the food.

Apart from it sipping the water before eating will also eliminate any chances of dehydration that will cause problems to your body’s function and will also help in the reduction of any hunger pangs that you might experience during the day.

4. Try out the Portion Size Dishware

Portion size dishware

Portion control dishware is a simpler and easier way to keep serving sizes in check. Use the dishware of an accurate size that will help you to eat right portions for weight loss. These are specially designed to help you control your portion size and develop good eating habits.

Psychologists suggest that size of dishware plays an important role in the consumption of food. When we eat food in smaller plates, our brain tricks us into believing that we are eating a large portion of food. As human beings, all of us like to eat food in the plates that are fully bundled up with food. If the plate is half empty, we tend to take food 2-3 times which leads to overeating. Therefore, if we start taking a customized dishware as per the requirement, the portion control will automatically take place.

5. Don’t Consume Portions mentioned on Food Labels


Nutrition facts mentioned on food label

Another important aspect you need to consider while working towards the diet plan in accordance with the portion control is that never blindly follow the suggested measures of the servings mentioned on the food labels or the boxes as they have been created keeping in mind the general intakes. You need to be very calculative while going out for the intakes. Depending on the body weight you can check whether to go with one serving or two for a particular food. As mentioned above portion control dishware is the best way to measure your food intake or use the USDA My Plate Icon to help you turn your regular plates into portion control dinnerware.

6. Measure your Food

Scale for measuring the weight of food

A food scale is a great tool to measure your portion size and counting calories. A survey done on 6000 adults indicated that dieters who measured food to control their portion size lost more weight than those who did not. Measuring cups and spoons are other great tools to measure your food. Regularly using these measuring tools at home will also help you control your serving size while eating out as you can visualize the correct serving size you eat with the help of measuring tools.

7. Eat Only When You are Hungry

Healthy woman eating salad

It is advisable to listen to the hunger cues before taking any steps towards eating your delicious food. If you start consuming food at every alternate hour even in small portions, it will be of no good for you as it will simply add on to your diet than giving any relief in your weight loss. Also, try limiting yourself when your stomach gets 80% full.

8. Say No to Television

Fat woman eating while watching fitness program

You have heard it numerous times not to eat while watching TV. Eating food in front of television distracts your attention from keeping a check on your food intake, which ultimately leads to overeating as your focus is on something else.

9. Eat Slowly

Girl eating healthy food slowly

Chewing down your food slowly not only improves digestive system, but it also keeps your serving sizes in control. Scientific evidence reveals that our body takes up around 20 minutes to figure out that we have eaten enough. Chew seven to eight times before you swallow as it will give more time for our body to feel satiated. You can schedule your meal time to counter quick eating.