It is an undeniable truth that the triceps are the most underrated muscle, but working on your triceps can help you a lot in terms of bringing change to your overall personality. If your goal is to get a bigger arms, then you must keep in mind that the triceps are what makes up the better portion of your overall arm size. So it is really important to follow the right Tricep workouts in order to get the desired results. Here we are providing the best triceps workout to help you take your triceps from a complete stretch to mind-blowing contractions:

1. Chair Dips

If you are looking to tone and grow your triceps, include chair dips in your training routine. It is a great alternative to regular dips, which are an advanced exercise for your triceps. Hence, you may find conventional dips a little tough to do if you haven’t done them before. While chair dips are easier than regular dips, they are still as effective. The good news is you don’t need special equipment for chair dips, and this means you can do it anywhere – home, office, gym, or hotel room.

As you perform the chair dips, your triceps will straighten your arms and help you lift your weight off the chair. It is prudent to remember that triceps need a day’s rest to recover from this rigorous exercise since they are not a large muscle group.


2. One-Arm Tricep Dips

Whether you are looking for toned or bulging triceps, you can have it all with one-arm triceps dips. It is important to remember that if you are into pushups, bench press or any other press, you need strong triceps. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the pressing movements effectively. So One-arm triceps dips are perfect for growing and strengthening your triceps.

Since you will be using your triceps to lift your full body weight, your triceps get a bigger and better workout when compared to a triceps-isolating workout. One-arm triceps dips help you target all the three heads of the muscle group simultaneously, resulting in phenomenal growth of the triceps.


3. Triceps Push Ups

Triceps Pushup works not only your triceps but also your core and chest. However, the main emphasis is in the triceps, and the exercise allows you to slowly work this muscle group to facilitate their growth and boost their strength.

There are numerous variations of the triceps pushup. You can incorporate them into your training session to give your triceps a more challenging workout. Regardless of which variation you use, you will end up with toner and sleeker triceps, and as you make the workout more challenging, you will get that much-desired bulge in your triceps. Remember, if you experience pain in your wrists while doing triceps push up, discontinue the exercise.