When you embark on a healthy weight loss journey, the calorie count will be your best friend. You will be carefully checking foods to ensure it fits into your diet plan and does not give you a surfeit of calories. However, very few people are aware of calories and their significance.

Understanding calories and calorie count are more than just checking your food. You need to ensure your body gets the necessary calories to carry out bodily functions seamlessly. Insufficient calorie intake could prove to be counterproductive.

What are calories?

A calorie is a unit of energy which is required to revitalize your body to carry out all the daily physical activity. Every individual requires a specific amount of calories depending on age, size and activity level. Consuming more calories than required amount will result in fat storage.

How to Determine the Caloric Need for your Body?

Calories provide energy to the body to perform physical activities. The number of calories a person requires depends on his physical fitness and lifestyle. It is very necessary to determine the calorie intake for your body so that you can maintain proper body weight. From online calorie counter tools to manually preparing a calorie chart, you can go for a lot of methods while determining the exact amount of calories required to lose or maintain weight.

The best thing about determining the calories is that it will help one to set the goal of losing weight properly. To lose a pound, you need to create 3500 calorie deficit each week which means on a daily basis you must create a calorie deficit of 500 calories. However, to lose weight more efficiently you must integrate exercising with a daily calorie deficit.

How to Create a Calorie Deficit?

To create a calorie deficit, you should reduce the amount of food intake every day than the previous day. As a result, your daily calorie intake will reduce automatically. Shedding one to two pounds a week is a healthy way to keep control over your weight.

Additionally, You should do minimum 30 minutes of exercise every day to keep your calorie deficit consistent. It is noteworthy that women eat minimum 1200 calories per day and men eat at least 1800 calories.

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Read Food Labels to Check your Calorie Intake

To keep a proper check on your calories is to look for the mentioned calories on the food labels. Besides, reading food labels gives you the glimpse of exactly what you are consuming and how much you are consuming. Food labels have a section of nutrition facts that imparts complete information about the calories you would consume per serving.

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Go For Portion Control

Another method of calorie counting is to check out for your portion size per serving. Take a measuring cup with you so that you know how much food you are consuming. A lot of food products come with a single serving with mentioned calories. Therefore, you get an accurate idea of the amount of food you consume and can have a constant check over your calories.

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Keep a Daily Calorie Diary with You

One of the best ways to check your calorie intake is to have a diary or a notebook to keep track of foods that you are consuming. Through maintaining a record in a diary, you can calculate the total number of calories taken by you throughout the day.

Make your diary as a premeditated plan towards weight loss; so that you can a keep a check on the calories consumed by you and how and when you can control your calorie intake. After a week of maintaining the record, you would know the average amount of calories taken by you throughout the week.

It will prove out to be very effective as it will help you to determine that how many calories you need to reduce and what all foods are required to be cut short in the whole process. Though it’s a tedious job, you can work out on the diary features provided by apps installed on your Smartphone.

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Take An Appointment With An Expert

The best thing that you can do to check out the number of calories required by you as per the weight and height is to consult a certified and well-experienced dietician or a nutritionist. The health expert will help you to find the accurate details of how many calories are required by your body with the equal amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals of your body.

You can also undergo a metabolic test by paying a small fee at fitness centers that provide such facility. The test helps you determine the number of calories being burnt by your body while at rest and the maximum number of calories your body utilizes during intense exercising. On the basis of test results, your trainer will provide you with proper training exercises. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will help you to burn more body fat to lose weight.