Getting a comprehensive upper body workout is no longer difficult with this routine. You will find that it exercises your entire upper body with ease. In this routine, you will perform seven exercises, and none of them requires weights to perform. Hence, you can easily do the workout at home. When people talk about upper body exercises, they usually talk about weights. However, there are many non-weight exercises that can tone your arms into shape, and this workout has got some of the best non-weight routines.

The workout focuses on your forearms, to begin with, so that they can get toned and strong. Of course, there will no veins popping out! You also do exercises to strengthen and develop your triceps. But that is not all; you give your chest muscles a boost along with your shoulders and back muscles. Of course, this is an upper body workout, but you will love the way it gives your arms power and grace while accentuating your triceps. You will end up with a better standing and walking posture as your shoulders and back muscles also strengthen and develop.


Credit: Fitness Blender