Imagine having a firm butt and chiseled thighs? It is like a dream come true! Well, you can achieve just that with this workout. Each exercise presented in this workout should be done for around 40 seconds, with a 5-second rest between them so that you can prepare for the next exercise. None of the exercises involve weights whatsoever. So you can workout at home without feeling the need to run to the gym.

It is important that you do a warm up before you start with this routine to mentally and physically prepare yourself. You will find that some of the exercises target the same muscle groups that sit-ups target while others look to give your thighs a serious, high-intensity workout. There are even exercises to improve flexibility and help in the development of your glutes. Just remember when doing the exercises, don’t hold longer than required. Otherwise, you will experience the burn for an extended period. Every exercise in this workout is designed to boost the power and form of your butt and thighs. So, go for it and feel proud of your derriere and thighs the next time you are in shorts or swimwear!

Credit: Fitness Blender