Imagine giving your entire upper body a great workout in merely 10 minutes. Well, it is possible with this workout. This routine specifically targets your arms, shoulders, upper back and abs. It doesn’t require any equipment and hence, you can easily do it at home and that too without supervision. The workout comprises different exercises and you can use each exercise for about 50 seconds. You enjoy a 10-second break between each exercise. So, the intensity is not fatiguing or monotonous.

The workout is designed to strain your arms and legs while boosting their flexibility. You will also enjoy the workout your thighs, shoulders and upper back get. This helps not only to strengthen the muscles, but it also improves your posture, making you stand tall and erect. You will find that the roundness of the shoulders that is common today due to people sitting for long hours at a desk will become a thing of the past. However, that is not all. The routine will help you boost your biceps, forearms, triceps and upper abs. It is a complete routine that will tone your upper body and make it firmer and more solid.


Credit: Fitness Blender